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July 2023
  • VIDEO: CNN This Morning – “New York Man Charged in Connection to Serial Killings” (7/14/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN News Central – “Prosecutors: Man Went to Obamas’s DC Neighborhood After Trump Posted What He Claimed Was he Address” (7/04/23)
June 2023
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “The Cost of Titan Search and Rescue” (6/28/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN News Central – “CNN Obtains Audio of Trump Discussing Classified Docs” (6/26/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Tonight – “Russian Generals Accuse Wagner Leader of Attempting Coup, Reports Russia Sends Armed Vehicles Into Street of Moscow” (6/23/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN This Morning – “Several U.S. Government Agencies Hit in Global Cyberattack by Russian Cybercriminals” (6/15/23)
  • VIDEO: Situation Room – “Trump En Route to Fundraiser After Pleading Not Guilty to 37 Federal Charges” (6/13/23)
  • VIDEO: Inside Politics – “True Surrenders to Face Federal Charges” (6/13/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Sources: Security Concerns Among Law Enforcement Officials Ahead of Trump’s Arraignment in Miami Today” (6/13/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN This Morning – “Indictment: Trump Faces 37 Counts Total, Including Charges of Willful Retention of National Defense Info” (6/10/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Tonight – “Sources: Trump On Tape Acknowledging He Retained Classified Document About Potential Attack on Iran” (6/1/23)
May 2023
  • VIDEO: CNN Tonight – “Senators Want FAA to Look Into Airplane Seat Sizes Again” (5/31/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Tonight – “Sources: Trump on Tape Acknowledging He Retained Classified Document About Potential Attack on Iran” (5/31/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN News Central – “Oath Keepers Leader Sentenced to 18 years, Longest yet for Jan 6th, Riot” (5/25/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN News Central – “Source: Ramming Suspect Had Nazi Flag on Him when He Exited Truck” (5/25/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Supreme Court Shields Twitter From Liability for Terror Content” (5/20/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN The Lead – “Judge Decides Teixeira Must Stay Behind Bars Until Trial” (5/19/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN The Lead – “Supreme Court Protects Twitter, Youtube from Lawsuits Over Allowing Terror-Related Content” (5/19/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN News Central – “8 Dead, 7 wounded as Gunman Shoots Shoppers at Texas Outlet Mall” (5/8/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN News Central – “Source: Gunman May Have Been Motivated by Right-Wing Extremism” (5/8/23)
  • ARTICLE: CNN Inside Politics – “Four Proud Boys Found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy” (5/4/23)
  • ARTICLE: CNN The Lead – “Suspect Was Deported from U.S. at Leat 4 Times” (5/1/23)
April 2023
  • VIDEO: CNN News Central – “Court Docs: Suspect is Flight Risk & Grave Natl Security threat” (4/27/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN News Central – “Shooter Only Had to Fill Out a Form, Pass Records Check to Buy Gun” (4/21/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN This Morning – “Arrest of 21-Yr-Old Airman Raises Questions About Top Secret Clearances” (4/16/23)

  • ARTICLE: CNN Newsroom – “Air National Guardsman Accused of Intel Leak Appears in Court” (4/14/23)

  • ARTICLE: CNN The Lead – “21-Year-Old Guardsman Arrested in Pentagon Docs Leak Case” (4/13/23)
  • ARTICLE: CNN The Lead – “Louisville Police Release Videos from Deadly Bank Shooting” (4/11/23)
  • ARTICLE: CNN Newsroom – “Gunman Kills 5 Co-workers, Wounds 8 Others in KY Bank Shooting” (4/11/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN This Morning – “Justice Dept. Opens Probe Into Leaks of Classified Military Docs” (4/9/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN News Central – “Sheriff: Two Suspects Confesed to Killing at Least One Teen ” (4/7/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Source: Balloon Was Able to Send Information to Beijing” (4/4/23)
March 2023
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Republicans Blame Mental Health After Shooting, Not Guns” (3/29/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN This Morning – “Police: Shooter Had Two Ar-Style Weapons And Handgun” (3/28/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Energy Dept. Assesses covid-19 Likely Came from Lab Leak in China” (02/27/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Tonight – “Lawmakers Grill Tiktok CEO About App’s Safety, Impact on Children” (3/23/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN AC360 – “Feds Monitoring an Uptick in Violent Rhetoric Online, Including Calls For “Civil War” Since Trump Asked Supporters to “Protest”” (3/21/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Law Enforcement Agencies Prepare for Potential Trump Arrest” (3/20/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Trump on Truth Social: “It’s Time” to Protest and “Save America”” (3/19/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN This Morning – “Trump Says He’ll be Arrested Tuesday, Calls for Protests” (3/19/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Trump Says He Expects to be Arrested Tuesday, Calls for Protests” (3/18/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “UK Follows U.S. & Bans Popular App From Government Devices” (3/16/23)
February 2023
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Energy Dept. Assesses covid-19 Likely Came from Lab Leak in China” (02/27/23)
  • VIDEO: The Lead CNN – “Federal Hate Crime Charged Filed on Shootings of Two Jewish Men” (02/17/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Three “Dead, Five Wounded; Police Searching for Motive” (02/15/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Inside Politics – “Gunman Kills 3 Students, Injures 5 at Michigan State Univerity” (02/14/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Early Start – “At Least 3 Dead in Michigan State University Shooting, suspect Dead” (02/14/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Sources”: U/S/ Military Shoots Down High-Altitude Object Near Lake Huron” (02/13/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Canada Orders Shutdown of ‘Unidentified Object’” (02/11/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “U.S. Fighter Jets Take Out “High-Altitude Object” Off Alaska Coast” (02/11/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “China Denies Balloon Used for Surveillance & Espionage” (02/10/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN This Morning – “U.S. Recovering Debris From Downed Chinese Balloon” (02/05/23) 
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Chinese Spy Balloon Spotted Flying Over North Carolina” (02/04/23) 
January 2023
  • VIDEO: CNN This Morning – “Experts Rethinking “Run, Hide, Fight” Mass Shooting Guidance” (01/31/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Calls for Police Reforms Intensify After Horrific Beating” (01/29/23) 
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Source: Swat Standoff Underway Believed Related to Mass Shooting” (01/22/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Atlanta Mayor, Police Chief Condemn Violent Protests Downtown” (01/21/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Tonight – “Source: Corrupt File in FAA Computers System to Mass Grounding of Flights; Biden Admin. Says No Evidence of Cyberattack” (01/12/23)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Quadruple Murder Suspect Expected to Waive Extradition Tomorrow” (01/02/23)

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