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This page features her current CNN clips as well as archives from the last several years.

February 2021
January 2021
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “At Least 150 People Charged by Justice Department in Capitol Siege”  (1/28/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Capitol Police Call for Permanent Fencing, Rapid Response Force”  (1/30/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN The Lead – “Newly-Obtained Video Shows Insurrection Inside U.S. Capitol” (1/18/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Shocking New Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege” (1/17/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Inside Politics – “Intense Security in Nation’s Capitol as Inauguration Day Nears” (1/17/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Inside Politics – “WAPO: Capitol Police Intel Warned 3 Days Before Attack that ‘Congress Itself’ Could Be Targeted” (1/16/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Amanpour – “Kayyem: Trump ‘spiritual leader’ of domestic terrorists” (1/15/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “Evidence Uncovered So Far Suggests U.S. Capitol Attack Was Planned” (1/14/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN with Erin Burnett – “Investigators Believe Level of Planning Went Into Capitol Riot” (1/13/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “Acting Atty. General Condemns Capitol Siege in Video Message” (1/13/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Amanpour – “Juliette Kayyem on Capitol Hill Riot” (1/12/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “FBI Warns ‘Armed Protests’ Being Planned in All 50 States & DC” (1/12/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Reliable Sources – “How News Outlets Are Exposing Vaccination Delays”  (1/3/21)

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