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July 2022
  • VIDEO: CNN The Lead – “Police Reveals Photo of Suspect on Women’s Clothing” (7/05/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN The Lead – “Robert E. Crimo III Identified as Person of Interest in Shooting” (7/04/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Group Wielding Flags of White Nationalist Group March in Boston” (7/02/22)
June 2022
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Third Day of Protests Across U.S After ROE V. Wade Overturned” (6/28/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN At This Hour – “CNN: Preliminary Report on Uvalde Police Response  Likely in Mid-July” (6/20/22)
  • VIDEO: Police Responding to Shots Fired at VA Mall; No Injuries Reported (6/19/22)
  • VIDEO: New Day- “31 Masked Men, Equipped With Riot Gear Arrested Near in ID Pride Event” (6/12/22)
  • VIDEO: At This Hour – “11-Year-Old Miah Cerillo Recounts Horror of School Shooting”(6/08/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Police: Gunman Who Killed Retired Judge Had ‘Hit List’ ” (6/06/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “3 Killed, 11 Injured in Overnight Philadelphia Shooting ” (6/05/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Michigan Governor Named in Suspect’s List of Targets” (6/04/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Frustration Mounts in Uvalde Over Authorities’ Information Gaps” (6/03/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Early Start – “At Least 4 People Killed in Tulsa Hospital Campus Shooting” (6/02/22)
  • VIDEO: Don Lemon Tonight – “Police”: At Least 4 People Killed, Suspect Dead After Shooting on Tulsa Hospital Campus”(6/01/22)
May 2022
  • VIDEO: CNN Amanpour – “We’re well beyond that. We’re just looking at risk reduction’: Guns will never be eliminated says former U.S. official” (5/31/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Out Front – “Audio: Dispatcher Informs Police Kids Still Trapped in School”  (5/30/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN At This Hour – “DOJ to Review Police Response to Uvalde School Shooting”  (5/30/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Emerging Details Raise Questions About Uvalde Massacre Response”  (5/28/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Uvalde School District’s Police Chief Made the Decision Not to Engage With Texas Gunman”  (5/28/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Official: it Was “Wrong Decision” not to Breach Classroom Door”  (5/27/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Don Lemon Tonight – “Uvalde School District Had Detailed Security Plan in Place at Time of Elementary School Shooting”  (5/27/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN AC360° – “Texas Department of Public Safety: 18 Children, One Adult Killed.  School Police Chief: 18-year Man Aso Dead Acted Alone”  (5/24/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN The Lead – “Texas Government: 14 Children, 1 Teacher Dead in Elementary School Shooting; Gunman is 18-year-old Male, Had a Handgun, Possibly a Riffle” (5/24/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Early Start – “Kayyem: “Lone Wolves” Aren’t Alone; Their Pack is Online”  (5/16/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Purported Manifesto Talks About “Dwindling Size” of White Population”  (5/15/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “FBI: Buffalo Mass Shooting Being Investigated as Hate Crime”  (5/15/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Buffalo Police: Shooting Suspect is a White, 18-Year-Old Male”  (5/17/22)
April 2022
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “New York City Subway Shooting Suspect Arrested”  (4/14/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN At This Hour – “U.S Marshals Join Manhunt for Subway Shooting Suspect”  (4/13/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “NYPD Identifies ‘Person of Interest” in Subway Shooting”  (4/13/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Early Start – “Weapons Seized from Homes of Men Accused of Impersonating DHS Agents”  (4/8/22)
February 2022
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Russian state Media: Kremlin’s Website Has Been Knocked Off Line”  (2/26/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Tonight – “GOP Senators Oppose “No-Fly List” for Unruly PAssengers”  (2/16/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Law Enforcement on High Alert Super Bowl, But No Specific Threats”  (2/13/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “FBI to Probe Wave of Bomb Threats Against HBCUS Campuses”  (2/3/22)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Bomb Threats Force HBCUS to Go Into Lockdown, Postpone Classes”  (2/2/22)
January 2022
    • VIDEO: CNN Don Lemon Tonight – “Virginia Mom Charged After Threatening to Take Loaded Guns to School if Her Kids are Required to Wear Masks” (1/22/22)
    • VIDEO: CNN AC360° – “FBI and DHS Warn Faith-Based Communities ‘Will Likely Continue’ to Be Targets of Violence” (1/19/22)
    • VIDEO: CNN Hala Gorani Tonight – “FBI Says Texas Hostage Case was ‘Terrorism-Related’ ” (1/17/22)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “All Hostages at Texas Synagogue ‘Alive And Safe'” (1/16/22)
    • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “Hostages Saves, Suspect Dead After Stand-off at a Texas Synagogue” (1/16/22)
    • VIDEO: CNN AC360° – “OAHT Keeper Leaders, 10 Other Charged With Seditious Conspiracy Related to Capitol Attack” (1/12/22)
    • VIDEO: CNN Early Start – “America Marks One Year Since Deadly Capitol Insurrection” (1/6/22)
    • VIDEO: CNN The Lead – “Extremism in America One Year After the Capitol Insurrection” (1/6/22)

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