Juliette is a weekly featured analyst on Boston Public Radio, 89.7 WGBH Boston’s Local NPR. She is a frequent contributor for The Atlantic, and is often interviewed for pieces in The New York Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg News, USA Today, etc. In 2013, she was named the Pulitzer Prize finalist for editorial columns in the Boston Globe.

Bloomberg State Radio, interview with Grip Mobility's CEO Juliette Kayyem

by Juliette Kayyem | March 2021

Juliette Kayyem was the host of “SCIF” [‘skiff’] or “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility”, a podcast that brings you inside the security world, exploring the planning and decisions behind our own safety, and helps takes some of the mystery out of what makes us safer.

*Indicates that the piece was authored by Juliette Kayyem

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July 2021
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  • RADIO: GBH News – Boston Public Radio Full Show (7/14/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – Boston Public Radio Full Show (7/7/21)
June 2021
  • ARTICLE: The Boston Globe – There Are No Lone Wolves When It Comes White Supremacist Violence Expert Says Wake-Winthrop Shooting (6/30/21)
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  • PODCAST: NPR – All Things Considered “Unproven Lab Leak Theory Brings Pressure On China To Share Info. But It May Backfire” (6/17/21)
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May 2021
  • VIDEO: “A (global) solution for cybercrime” by GZERO (5/21/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – Boston Public Radio Full Show (5/19/21)
  • AUDIO: “Report: DHS Division Failed To Analyze Intelligence Ahead Of Capitol Violence
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  • ARTICLE: Forbes – “A Huge Chinese Rocket Will (Probably) Crash To Earth Tonight. Here’s What We Know.” (5/8/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – Boston Public Radio Full Show (5/5/21)
April 2021
  • ARTICLE:  The Atlantic – “Don’t Wait for Herd Immunity” (4/29/21)
  • RADIO: BBC Business Daily – “Does business travel have a future?” (4/27/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – Juliette Kayyem argued for the elimination of elected law enforcement officials and a decrease in the number of police departments across the U.S. (4/21/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – National Security Expert Defends Activation Of National Guard In Massachusetts, Reflects On Future Of Policing (4/21/21)
  • VIDEO:  Belfer Center – Margaret Bourdeaux and Juliette Kayyem talk about Johnson & Johnson and vaccine hesitancy (4/16/21)
  • ARTICLE: Science Magazine – “A conversation with Juliette” (4/15/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – Juliette Kayyem talked about the Capitol Police inspector general Michael A. Bolton’s findings in an investigation on how the Capitol Police handled the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.  (4/14/21)
  • ARTICLE: NYT – “The ‘Joy and Envy’ of Seeing All Your Friends Get Vaccinated” (4/09/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – Juliette Kayyem discussed the nationwide move away from mass vaccination sites to private sites. She also shared the questions she thinks we should ask when a mass shooting occurs. (4/07/21)
March 2021
  • VIDEO: MyRadar – “Wildfire Devastation in America | Revisiting Paradise” (3/22/21)
  • PODCAST: Talking Feds: Women at the Table – “88 is the New 40” (3/16/21)
  • PODCAST: Talking Feds: Women at the Table – “Living from the Waist Up(3/11/21)
  • ARTICLE: Newsweek – What Is Evolv? ‘Human Security’ Firm Backed by Bill Gates to Go Public in SPAC Merger (3/08/21)
February 2021
  • RADIO: GBH News – “‘At Best, It Was Disappointing. At Worst, It Was Damaging’: National Security Expert Kayyem Pans Tuesday’s Insurrection Senate Hearing” (2/24/21)
  • VIDEO: Harvard Belfer Center – “Questions: A Potential Mass Migration Crisis?” (2/25/21)
  • VIDEO: Harvard Belfer Center – “Questions: Vaccine Hesitency” (2/24/21)
  • ARTICLE: The Atlantic – “The Border Mess That Trump Left Behind” (2/19/21)*
  • VIDEO: Harvard Belfer Center – “Questions: Time to Double Mask?” (2/19/21)
  • ARTICLE: The Washington Post – “Meet the business travelers who can’t wait to get back on the road” (2/18/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – “‘Internal Disarray in the QAnon Conspiracy Community and the Texas Weather Crisis” (2/17/21)
  • PANEL: Council on Foreign Relations – “Transition 2021 Series: Domestic Terrorism Post-Insurrection” (2/16/21)
  • VIDEO: Harvard Belfer Center – “Questions: COVID Stimulus and Vaccine Rollout” (2/11/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – “Juliette Kayyem on Anti-Vaxxers in the Age of COVID-19” (2/10/21)
  • VIDEO: Harvard Ash Center – “Lessons from Canada’s COVID-19 Response” (2/8/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – “Juliette Kayyem on Law Enforcement on January 6” (2/4/21)
January 2021
  • VIDEO: Harvard Belfer Center – “Questions: Schools Back to Normal in Fall 2021?” (1/29/21)
  • ARTICLEThe Daily Beast – “Fauci: There’s No ‘Organized Approach’ to Tracking COVID-19 Vaccine” (1/28/21)
  • VIDEO: Making America with Josh Martin – “$750 Billion?” (1/28/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – “Juliette Kayyem on FEMA Pivoting to Disaster Prevention'” (1/27/21)
  • VIDEO: Harvard Belfer Center – “Questions: The Importance of Speed in Vaccine Distribution” (1/22/21)
  • RADIO: NPR – “Security Leadership: Behind-The-Scenes Planning Will Limit Inauguration Day Risks” (1/17/21)
  • PODCAST: Talking Feds: Women at the Table – “Account/Ability” (1/16/21)
  • PODCAST: Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick – “The Domestic Terror Arm of MAGA” (1/16/21)
  • ARTICLEThe Harvard Gazette – “Securing public spaces in the wake of Capitol violence” (1/15/21)
  • PODCAST: Political Gabfest – “‘The Great Betrayal’ Edition” (1/14/21)
  • ARTICLEMother Jones – “Fight Trump Like He’s a Terrorist Leader, National Security Experts say” (1/13/21)
  • ARTICLEThe Washington Post – “Trump’s Ability to Terrorize Republicans is Fizzling Out” (1/13/21)
  • PODCAST: Boston Public Radio Podcast – “Democracy Bridges The Divide” (1/13/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – “Juliette Kayyem on Last Week’s Insurrection, Resignations, and Her Atlantic Piece'” (1/13/21)
  • ARTICLEThe Atlantic – “How MAGA Extremism Ends” (1/12/21)*
  • PODCAST: The MeidasTouch Podcast- “Sedition, Consequences, and Jordy’s Turtleneck with Juliette Kayyem” (1/11/21)
  • PODCAST: Social Distance by The Atlantic – “How Badly Is Vaccination Going?” (1/8/21)
  • RADIO: GBH News – “Juliette Kayyem On Capitol Police: ‘There Has To Be A Reckoning'” (1/7/21)
  • PODCAST: Boston Public Radio Podcast – “‘Worth Taking A Pause For’: CNN’s Kayyem Reflects on Warnock Senate Win” (1/6/21)
  • RADIO: WGBH – “Boston Public Radio” (1/6/21)
  • PODCAST: The Trust Revolution – “Leading with Transparency in Times of Crisis” (1/5/21)
  • ARTICLE: Mother Jones – “National Security Experts Warn Trump “Is Promoting Terrorism” (1/3/21)

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