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Juliette is the founder and primary consultant of Kayyem Solutions, LLC.


Her team provides strategic and operational advice in resiliency planning, risk management, mega-event security, infrastructure protection, and cybersecurity. These companies have included AirBnB, Zemcar, UPS’ Americans for Securing All Packages, CyPhy, Evolv technology, as well as numerous financial, educational, and retail clients where she provides advice and training.

Mega-event Planning

Regarding event security, her clients include major sporting leagues, bid cities for the Olympics, retail offices and a hotel chain. She served as the point of contact at the Department of Homeland Security for all sports mega-event planning, including several Special Security Events, and served on the board of the International Center for Sports Security.

Since COVID-19, Juliette has advised a wide range of clients across numerous sectors, including global retail companies, equity firms, financial and academic institutions, in addition to mega event planning.