As the Belfer Senior Lecturer in International Security at Harvard Kennedy School, Juliette teaches emerging leaders in emergency management and national security.

She is currently leading the Homeland Security Project and Global Health Project, two new initiatives of Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Juliette teaching via zoom to hundreds of mayors through the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative in early March, 2020

Crisis Chart 2021
Managing chaos is my yoga and in early March, I put together a chart for my students to help ground them. The Coronavirus may be new, but crisis management is not. This chart outlines an adaptive recovery stage where we can learn to live with, manage around the virus, and utilize different tools and policies to minimize the risk.



Protecting the Homeland(s): The Challenges of Domestic Security (IGA-615)


Mitigating and Managing a Crisis (MLD-381)