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Learning to Live in an Age of Disasters

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About Me

Juliette is currently the Senior Belfer Lecturer in International Security at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where she is Faculty Director of the Homeland Security Project and Security and Global Health Project. 

She presently serves as a CNN National Security Analyst as well as CEO and Co – Founder of Grip Mobility, a technology company looking to provide transparency in the rideshare industry. She has spent over 20 years managing complex policy initiatives and organizing government responses to major crises in both state and federal government. Most recently, Juliette was President Obama’s Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security. Kayyem is the author of Security Mom, a memoir that explores the intersection, and commonalities, of her life in homeland security and her life as a mother.




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Companies that we have served include AirBnB, Zemcar, UPS’ Americans for Securing All Packages, Evolv, and Fortune 100 retail and financial companies. 


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Juliette serves as a CNN National Security Analyst and occasionally has opinion pieces at

This page features her current CNN clips as well as archives from the last several years.


As the Belfer Senior Lecturer in International Security at Harvard Kennedy School.

She is currently leading the Homeland Security Project, a new initiative of Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

“I am so often asked: “Are we safe?” This question has plagued me for my entire career. It has been asked by family and friends, students and scholars, news anchors and government officials.”

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Speaking Engagements

Juliette has served as a keynote speaker for conferences with both national and international audiences.

She can cater the subject matter to best fit her client’s needs regarding her expertise including crisis leadership, disaster management, homeland security, cybersecurity, and event planning.

Featured Books

“The Devil Never Sleeps”

Learning to Live in an Age of Disasters

An urgent, transformative guide to dealing with disasters from one of today’s foremost thinkers in crisis management

Filled with personal anecdotes and real-life examples from natural disasters like the California wildfires to man-made ones like the Boeing 737 MAX crisis, The Devil Never Sleeps is a guide for governments, businesses, and individuals alike on how to alter our thinking so that we can develop effective strategies in the face of perpetual catastrophe.

“Security Mom”

In “a lively debut…[with] plenty of enthusiastic ‘can-do’ advice” (Publishers Weekly), a Homeland Security advisor and a Pulitzer Prize–nominated columnist—and mother of three—delivers a timely message about American security: it begins at home.

Security Mom is modern tale about the highs and lows of having-it-all parenthood and a candid, sometimes shocking, behind-the-scenes look inside the high-stakes world of national security. In her signature refreshing style, Juliette reveals how she came to learn that homeland security is not simply about tragedy and terror; it is about us as parents and neighbors, and what we can do every day to keep each other strong and safe. 

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