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This page features her current CNN clips as well as archives from the last several years.

December 2021
    • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “CDC Shortens Recommended Isolation & Quarentine Times” (12/31/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “Calling Trump a Terror Movement Leader is ‘Too Kind'” (12/30/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Future of Remote Work & Return to Offices in 2022” (12/30/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Planning Underway for One-YearAnniversary of Jan. 6th”(12/29/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Don Lemon Tonight – “New Covid Variant Adds to Maerican Anxiety Heading Into Holidays” (12/17/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “Parents of Alleged Michigan School Shooter Arrested in Detroit” (12/04/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN With Erin Burnett – “Parents of School Shooting Suspect Charged with 4 Counts of Involuntary Manslaughter ” (12/03/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN The Lead – “Lawyers Say Suspect’s Parents Did Not Flee, Relocated for Safety & are Returning Soon” (12/03/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN With Erin Burnett – “Sheriff: School Officials Met with Supect’s Parents Over “Concerning  Behavior” Hours Before Massacre” (12/02/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Writings from Suspected MI Shooter Obtained in Overnight Search” (12/01/21)
November 2021
    • VIDEO: CNN AC360° – At Least 3 Killed, 8 Injured in MI High School Shooting” (11/29/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Two Cases of Omicron Covid-19 Variant Detected in the UK” (11/27/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Suspect in Wisconsin Parade Crash Charged with Homicide” (11/23/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Washington Post Investigation Details Jan. 6 Warning Signs and Pentagon’s Fear that Trump Would Misuse the Military” (11/01/21)
October 2021
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Flight Grounded at Laguardia Due to Potential Security Threat” (10/09/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “should Donald Trump be allowed back on Twitter?” (10/09/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Reliable Sources– “Rethinking  the Headlines About Vaccine Mandates” (10/03/21)
September 2021
    • VIDEO: CNN Don Lemon Tonight – “United Airlines Says 96% of Employees Have Met Vaccine Mandate Deadline” (9/29/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “DHS Warns of Potential Violence Before Right-Wing Rally Today” (9/18/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “GOP Trump Supporters Continue to Believe the 2020 Election Was Stolen” (9/16/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Police Request Fetcing be Reinstalled Ahead of Right-Wing Rally” (9/09/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Burnet – “Capitol Police to Brief Lawmakers on Rally in Support of Jan. 6 Rioters; Organizer Calls them “Political Pridioners” ” (9/09/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Don Lemon Tonight – “White Supremacists and Domestic Extremists Praise Taliban” (9/02/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN AC360° – “U.S. Officials Gramppling With Extremists Who See Taliban as Model for Success in America” (9/01/21)
August 2021
    • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “Biden: Another Attack on Kabul Airport Likely in 24-36 Hours” (8/29/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Burnet – “U.S General: Facing “Inminent And” “Very Real Threat Streams” in Afghanistan; Attacks Via Rocket, Vehicle, Suicide ” (8/26/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN OutFront – “Blinken: ‘Facing Real Posibility of Isis-K Attack’ in Afghanistan” (8/25/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Biden Not Budging on August 31 Withdrawal From Afghanistan” (8/24/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Don Lemon Tonight – “House Committee to Seek Phone Records in Jan. 6 Investigation, Including from Members of Congress” (8/24/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Don Lemon Tonight – “Right-Wing Commentators Seizing on Afghan Refugee Crisis to Stoke Fears in Immigration Debate” (8/18/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Taliban Enters Kabul as Afghan President Flees the Country” (8/15/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Should Airlines Require Vaccines for Domestic Travel?” (8/04/21)
July 2021
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “U.S Not Requiring its Athletes to be Vaccinated” (7/24/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Chaos Erupts During MLB Game After Shots Fired Outside Stadium” (7/18/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “CNN: Some Tied to Assassination Plot Were Previously U.S. Informants” (7/13/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “FBI Infiltrates “Bible Study” Group That Wanted to Build And Test Bombs, Surveil Capitol, Secede From U.S.” (7/7/21)
    • VIDEO: AC360° – “Hundreds of Members of White Supremacist Group Marched Through Downtown Philadelphia Saturday” (7/5/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “White Supremacist Group Marches Through Philadelphia” (7/5/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “Massive Cyberattack Hits Hundreds of Businesses” (7/4/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Police Standoff With Heavily Armed Men Ends in 11 Arrests” (7/3/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “11 Arrest in Police Standoff With Armed Groups in Massachusetts Town” (7/3/21)
June 2021
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “FBI: QAnon Followers May Become More Violent’ ” (6/19/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “WH Calls Rasomware “A Raising National Security Treat’ ” (6/5/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Meat Producer JBS Says Vast Majority of Plants Will Be Operational Today After Ramomware Attack” (6/2/21)
May 2021
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “FBI: Criminal Group Originating From Russia Responsible for Cyberattack on U.S. Pipeline”  (5/31/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “New Questions About the Origins of Covid-19” (5/29/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN The Lead – “WJ San Jose Gunman Detained in 2016 by Border Officials Who Found Notes About Terrorism, Hatred of Workplace” (5/27/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Man kills 9 Coworkers at Rail Yard in 17th Mass Shooting this Week” (5/21/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Several Wuhan Lab Scientist Hospitalized in November 2019″ (5/24/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “GOP Lawmakers Try to Downplay, Whitewash Jan. 6 Insurrection” (5/13/21
    • VIDEO: CNN Tonight with Don Lemon- “FBI: Criminal Group Originating From Russia Responsible for Cyberattack on U.S. Pipeline”  (5/10/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Out of Control Rocket to Re-Enter Earth’s Atmosphere Tonight” (5/8/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “More Than 31% of the U.S. Population Has Been Fully Vaccinated, at Least 70-85% is Needed in Order to Reach Herd Immunity (5/3/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “DHS May Partner With Private Firms for Domestic Terror Surveillance” (5/3/21)
April 2021
    • VIDEO: CNN Inside Politics – “Gunman Kills 8 in a Rampage at Indianapolis FedEx Facility”  (4/16/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Early Start – “At Least Eight Killed in Mass Shooting at Indianapolis FedEx Facility” (4/16/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “U.S. Formally Blames Russia for Massive Solarwinds Hack” (4/15/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “U.S. Intelligence Warns of Global Threats in Annual Report” (4/14/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN with Erin Burnett – “At Least 1 Killed, Several Injured in Texas Shooting”  (4/9/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “One Officer, One Injured in Attack at U.S. Capitol ” (4/3/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN New Days – “Capitol Officer Killed, another Injured After Suspect Rams Car Into Police Barrier Outside Building” (4/3/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN Tonight – “One Officer, One Wounded, Attacker Dead at U.S. Capitol ” (4/2/21)
    • VIDEO: CNN with Erin Burnett – “Suspect in Capitol Car Attack Posted He Had Lost His Job Believed Govt was Targeting Him With Mind Control”  (4/2/21)


March 2021
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “DHS Dissolves Independent Advisory Council, Ousting Board that Included Trump-Era Officials”  (3/28/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Trump Claims Deadly Insurrection Was “Zero Threat” to Capitol” (3/27/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN AC360º – “Investigators Search for Red Flags in Suspect’s Background”  (3/24/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Police: Suspect Bought AR-556 Pistol Six Days Before Shooting” (3/24/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN with Erin Burnett – “Brother of Supermarket Shooting Suspect Says He Suffered from Mental Illness and Became Increasingly “Paranoid”  (3/23/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Intel Report Warns of More Violence by Domestic Terrorists This Year” (3/18/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN AC360º – “Two Suspects Arrested and Charged for assaulting U.S. Capitol Police Officer Sicknick, Who Died After Riot”  (3/15/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “DHS Chief Warns of “Overwhelming” Number of Migrants” (3/15/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Reliable Sources – “How TV Guests Go Live From Kitchens, Bedrooms, Offices” (3/7/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Situation Room – “House Briefings Set for Monday on Findings of Task Force Probe of Jan 6 Security Failures” (3/5/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Tonight – “Investigators Examining Communications Records to See if Members of Congress Helped Capitol Rioters” (3/5/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Feds on High Alert After Warnings of Potential Threats to Capitol” (3/4/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN AC360º – “Capitol Security Ramped Up as FBI Warns of Another Possible Attack”  (3/3/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Inside Politics – “DC Natl. Guard Chief: Pentagon Took 3 Hours to Approved Request for Help”  (3/3/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN with Erin Burnett – “Sen. Johnson Claims He Never Said Fake Trump Supporters Were Behind Riot After FBI Chief Debunks Claim”  (3/2/21)
February 2021
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “Former Security Officials Blame Intelligence Lapses for Insurrection”  (2/24/21)
January 2021
  • VIDEO: CNN The Lead – “Newly-Obtained Video Shows Insurrection Inside U.S. Capitol” (1/18/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Shocking New Footage from Inside the Capitol Siege” (1/17/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Inside Politics – “WAPO: Capitol Police Intel Warned 3 Days Before Attack that ‘Congress Itself’ Could Be Targeted” (1/16/21) 
  • VIDEO: CNN Amanpour – “Kayyem: Trump ‘spiritual leader’ of domestic terrorists” (1/15/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – “Evidence Uncovered So Far Suggests U.S. Capitol Attack Was Planned” (1/14/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN with Erin Burnett – “Investigators Believe Level of Planning Went Into Capitol Riot” (1/13/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Amanpour – “Juliette Kayyem on Capitol Hill Riot” (1/12/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “FBI Warns ‘Armed Protests’ Being Planned in All 50 States & DC” (1/12/21)
  • VIDEO: CNN Reliable Sources – “How News Outlets Are Exposing Vaccination Delays”  (1/3/21)

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