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December 2020
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Trump Blames States for Slow Vaccinations as U.S. Lags Behind Some Other Countries in Vaccinations”  (12/31/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Anthony  Warner Identified As Nashville Bomber”  (12/27/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Investigators: Nashville Blast Likely a Suicide Bombing”  (12/26/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Downtown Nashville Sealed Off After ‘Intentional’ Explosion”  (12/25/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN Outfront – “Trump Just Issued Series of Pardons, Including Allies”  (12/22/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Trump Holds Oval Office Meeting Including Talk of Invoking Martial Law”  (12/20/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “Hackers Targeting Key Actors in Vaccine Supply Chain”  (12/14/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “HHS Secretary: FDA Could Authorize First Vaccine Within Days”  (12/7/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – “IBM & DHS Issue Warnings on Vaccine Supply Chain Cyberattacks” (12/5/20)
October 2020
  • VIDEO: CNN AC360 – Feds: Russia and Iran Have Interfered with Presidential Election  (10/21/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – Trump Says He’ll Leave Country If He Loses Election  (10/17/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – 13 Charged in Domestic Terror Plot to Kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer  (10/9/20)
September 2020
  • VIDEO: CNN AC 360º With Anderson Cooper – Trump’s $300+ Million in Debt Exposed by NY Times Raises National Security Concerns  (9/28/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – 7 Victims Dead, Gunman Also Killed in Texas Shooting Rampage.  (9/1/20)
August 2020
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – Goldman Sachs: Many parents would stop working if schools don’t reopen (8/5/20)
July 2020

  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – 130,000+ Americans Killed by Coronavirus, Nearly 3 Million Cases (7/7/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – FDA Commissioner Refuses to Defend Trump’s “Harmless” Claim (7/6/20)
June 2020
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – Top CDC official: Coronavirus spreading too rapidly to control (6/30/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – Dr. Fauci: wearing a mask “should not be a political issue” (6/25/20)
    CNN New Day – Coronavirus hits record highs in 3 most populated states (6/25/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN New Day – CDC: 60% of new infection in U.S. people under age of 50  (6/23/20)
  • VIDEO: CNN – Martial law: Here’s what can and can’t happen in the US (6/5/20)
May 2020

VIDEO: CNN New Day – Politics (not science) driving WH response  (5/20/20)

VIDEO: CNN New Day  Politics (not science) driving WH response  (5/20/20)

VIDEO: CNN New Day – Majority of U.S. reopens as death toll nears 90,000  (5/18/20)

VIDEO: CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – Fauci pushes back on Sen. Paul insisting schools reopen; “We’ve got to be very careful” when it comes to children (5/12/20)

VIDEO: CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – Senate hearing highlights debate over kids going back to school (5/12/20)

VIDEO: CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – Fauci: Death toll “likely is higher” than 80,000+ reported (5/12/20)

VIDEO: CNN New Day – Report: Trump admin. rejects CDC guidelines to reopen U.S.  (5/7/20)

VIDEO: CNN AC360° – As U.S. death toll tops 70,000, WH considers disbanding coronavirus task force  (5/5/20)

VIDEO: CNN New Day – Reopening plans: Fun isn’t first  (5/4/20)

VIDEO: CNN New Day – Concerns grow about easing restrictions too quickly  (5/4/20)

April 2020

VIDEO: CNN Tonight with Don Lemon – People are going to save a lot of money on pants (4/20/20)

CNN Reliable Sources -When TV shows become hazardous to public health  (4/19/20)

CNN Reliable Sources – Fox News shows promoting protests against stay-at-home orders  (4/19/20)

 CNN New Day – Experts: Testing and tracing are key to re-opening  (4/17/20)

: CNN New Day – Everyday will be different. Living in the “now normal”  (4/15/20)

VIDEO: CNN New Day – Our constitution has a governance system  (4/13/20)

VIDEO: CNN AC 360° – Reopening the economy is not a date, it’s about metrics (4/11/20)

March 2020

VIDEO: CNN Newsroom – Governors are the President now (3/15/20)

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